A New Look For A School District

Centennial School District

An all-purpose platform built for everyone will never work as well as a platform catered for a specific goal.

With 11 schools, 720 staff and 6,346 students enrolled, Centennial School District continues to see growth. Located on the border between Gresham and Portland, it serves a very diverse community.

After seeing what we did for David Douglas, Centennial came to us in need of a similar but different solution. The problem they were having was that the cookie-cuter platform they were sold was simply failing them. It was very complicated to use and contained many features they simply did not need or use. This made the site look very empty at times with blank spots in areas where content should have been. However, CSD had a vision in mind and was ready for a change.



The solution was simple and revolved around building out a multisite framework where each of the individual schools could live in addition to the district. This is by far nothing revolutionary to the web world, however making it practical in a district setting where multiple administrator across the 11 campuses needed to work together on a very user-friendly interface, turned this idea into an excellent solution.

A content audit played a crucial role in understanding what was happening on the old site. In order to even begin designing the site, we took a hard look at all the content that lived on the main district site as well as the eleven school sites.






The Results
Launching the site right before the School year began, students, parents and teachers were given the opportunity to start the year off with a fresh new look. The information organized now more than ever allowed easy access to everything that is important to the specific visitor. The network allowed individual schools to be linked together under a single platform, which allows the lead team at CSD to manage the each site quickly, painlessly while feeding important information district-wide.

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