Yes You Can, But Should You?

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Most people in business accept the idea that a strong presence on the web is a necessary aspect of advertising in today’s competitive market.

If it is time for you to spread your wings in that direction, there are many do-it-yourself options available to help you design your own web page. Sites like “Squarespace” offer a multitude of DIY options and templates that appear to make the process simple and appealing.

Yes you can build your own page, and theoretically get the “best bang for your buck.” However as many people discover, taking advantage of one of these options looks economical at the outset but soon you come to realize that there are many drawbacks.

First and most importantly is the fact that a web page designed using a DIY template, looks like a site designed from a template. In fact if you try to make changes to a template to give it your own flair, you will find that every change you make corrupts something else that you then have to research how to fix. This cascades like a string of dominos in a complex design. Before you know it, you have expended far more time than you planned and your frustration level has gone through the roof!

What is your time worth? Do you want to spend it learning about web site design in order to get your message out to the world? Or do you want to spend it where it does the most good, in your own area of expertise?

The value that you receive from hiring a team of professionals is immeasurable. Each member of the design team at 100SEVEN has their own area of expertise, and together they create unique web site designs that range from simple advertisement to complex working sites that engage your customers and, depending on the application, can have organizational benefit for your day-to-day operations including employee interface.

When you contract with 100SEVEN for web site design, you receive 24/7 support. We can provide instruction to you and your staff for updating the web site with current information about your products and services, or you can depend on our team to provide the updates you request. As your business expands 100SEVEN can expand your site design to meet your changing needs.

Our goal is to ensure you are satisfied with the final product so that you can focus your energies on your business goals.

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