Still Photography

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Still Photography is the creation of promotional still images, which may be known as promotional stills, promo stills, or promotional photos.

100SEVEN now offers Still Photography to help you develop a visual representation of your company. With our premium equipment and skilled photographers, we can provide these services on a stand-alone basis or packaged with other services at a discounted price.

Still Photography can be used as part of a print advertising campaign package. Informational pamphlets have a much larger impact if they include current photographs that depict your company’s personnel, facilities, inventory or goods and services. Business cards can include either a portrait of an individual or a photo pertinent to the business. Current photographs are essential to the design of an updated, eye-catching web presentation. These are just a few examples of how Still Photography can benefit your endeavors.

In addition, 100SEVEN can now provide Still Photography to commemorate a wedding or special event as a single service, or as part of an overall package combined with video services. In the past, our videographers could provide individual shots extrapolated from digital video at an additional cost. Now we have the capability to provide separate still photography to satisfy your traditional and contemporary photographic needs. Our skilled photographers will utilize the concepts of lighting, balance and classical composition techniques to capture those truly memorable moments.

Whatever your Still Photography needs may be, 100SEVEN is standing ready to answer the call.

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