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Comfort… It feels good. That’s the problem. 

There is something interesting about being desperate. You know, being in that mode where nothing else really matters, where a wicked hunger deep within you drives you to the very edge of reality.

You know what I’m talking about, you’ve seen it before. Trying to communicate your thoughts to another person, or maybe trying to solve a complex problem. So desperate that you were open to any idea, any attempt. Anything, because you have reached your limit. Done everything you thought you could do.

Well that’s the funny thing about being desperate. With some exception, things actually happen in that state and you surprise yourself. Things like innovation and progress… I don’t want to rant about creativity and problem solving. We’ve all seen amazing people talk about creativity and how the human psychology shows the process of our catalytic manifestation. What I do want to talk about is the nature of being desperate and our nemesis, comfort.

How I define comfort

If I had to define comfort, I would say it’s a state in which progress is not required, but optional. Comfort means you’ve reached a level, a plateau where pressure is very little if existent at all. Ideally that is what we made the American Dream out to be, the ultimate goal of comfort. You know what I mean; job security, stability. Ironically, none of us would admit to being comfortable. Either our job environment sucks, or we love it and are not paid enough for it. As a result we’ve reached a place where we manage the discomforts of life and call it good. I believe this too can be considered comfort. The “call it good” part.

So what

There is something I’ve noticed about comfort and being desperate. People are desperate for comfort. In this selfish attempt, we place ourselves into a non-progressive state. Reach level 2 and call it good, whatever that level may be for you.

That is what I have problem with. Either it’s my youthful ignorance or some lack of understanding, but I feel like there is more. Something beyond.

Beyond comfort.

While this may not be a crazy new idea for most, being a 24 year old in a recovering economy I see something interesting here, an opportunity. In a weird way we have a chance to start again. A chance to learn from our past. Looking at my generation I try to be hopeful. I try to be optimistic, yet I know it’s now harder than ever. We’ve become a comfortable society. There’s nothing poking us in the rear, no reason to be desperate.

We need a little bit of the hunger and drive which exist when you’re desperate. Maybe seeing the vision would help? Maybe it’s not possible?

Yet, if it wasn’t for the crazy ones, where would we all be?

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