New year. New website.

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With 2016 now in full swing, we are very excited to start this year off by announcing our new website.

It is always exciting for something new, but what does a new website really mean? A new vision? A new team? A reevaluation of our old self? While there is some truth in each of these, they don’t quite address our reasoning for launching this new website.

To us, this new website is more than a new impression. It reflects a significant discovery we found in who we are and how we work as a team. With each new project we’ve taken on, we’ve watched ourselves evolve and progress into something new. This encourages us to distrust our thinking just enough to see the world a little differently.

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A Portland based creative agency

For us, 2016 is the year we begin to officially call ourselves a creative agency. We’ve considered ourselves “creative based” for a good amount of time. The way we approach business problems and the way we execute solutions has always been through the creative process. We’ve always been a creative agency at the core, it’s just taken us awhile to recognize ourselves as one. This year the time has come to own that title.

The human element.

The ultimate goal of any brand is to find a way to connect with people. The difficult part is getting a non-human entity to connect with a human. Brands often find themselves seeming inauthentic toward their targeted audience, so we look at the ways a brand can become a little more human. Components like emotion, expression, and connection cannot be ignored. Even more so, in the digital age.

There’s no question about the power of brand loyalty. Yet it feels as if brands are seeking “fans” when they really should be after the “players”.

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While our world is wrapped up in the digital age, it only strengthens our deep respect for authentic human interaction. Authentic communication happens when one human interacts with another — eye to eye, idea to idea. We believe brands can be human too.

2017, here we come.

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