Finding A Place To Call Home

Fortress Property Management

Shouldn’t a website help your business? Turns out that is not always the case.

Fortress came to us with a little problem. They could not access their website to update their new contact info. It turned out that instead of being a strategic tool, their existing website was not even accessible and simply frozen in time. After a few conversations we learned that as a property management company it would be great to have a website that actually listed the properties that are currently available to the public. We proceeded to solve this little problem.

With the new website overhaul, the team at Fortress not only received a fresh new look, they now had the ability to quickly and easily maintain all content on the responsive website. However, we went further and established a framework where individual properties could be featured. This completely transformed their website from a place of information into an experience where people looking for properties can find the right home they are looking for. Each property features a gallery, full detailed specifications, map, as well as a call to action form to get started.


Another useful feature we added to the website was a map view that allows visitors to see properties available within the city, along with a detailed summary.



In addition to the website, our production teams had the opportunity to capture elements for Fortress through photography and videography.

The Results
We not only successfully solved the “little problem” Fortress faced when they initially came to us, we went further and pushed the Fortress brand unto the next level in how they present themselves. In addition, we have established a line of support and taken the stress out a key component in their business.

“100SEVEN has been our industry partner for several years. They have worked with us to produce a website that makes us look like a large company even though we have only been in business for five years. We continually get praised for the easy to use website and it generates quite a bit of leasing traffic to our team. They think outside of the box with business marketing and have truly helped to make our brand memorable and recognizable. They are easy to work with and I would highly recommend their skills in a very competitive marketplace.”

Cammie Allie, President of Fortress Property Management, Inc.

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